4 JANUARY - 29 MARCH 2020

photo credit: Little Ong

Module 1 :

Taking the Plunge - Step into Alignment from the Heart (34 hours*) 

4 & 5 January

11 & 12 January

8am - 5pm

Module 2 :

Diving Deep - Imbibe and Embody (34 hours*) 

18 & 19 January

1 & 2 February

8am - 5pm

Module 3 :

Plumbing The Depths - Clarify and Refine (34 hours*) 

8 & 9 February

15 & 16 February

8am - 5pm


Module 4 :

Stepping Out - The Art of Teaching (100 hours*) 

22 & 23 February

29 February & 1 March

7 & 8 March

14 & 15 March

21 & 22 March

28 & 29 March

8am - 5pm

*Training hours can be applied toward Continuing Education for Teachers under Yoga Alliance standards.





The Anusara Immersion is an introductory course in the fundamental principles of Anusara yoga’s broad, non-dual Tantric philosophy and alignment principles for asana practice. The method of Anusara yoga is elegant in its simple organization, yet the philosophy and practice are highly sophisticated. A basic Anusara yoga principle has tremendous depth and the immersion is the first step for the dedicated yoga student on the journey to experience the full extent of its power, efficacy and connection to Spirit.”

The immersion is open to students wishing to deepen their yoga studies without necessarily wanting to teach yoga.

After completing the 100-hour Immersion, students can choose to enter directly into the 100-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training or join the second round of trainings in July and/or November. They can also choose to join Immersion 2 at a later date.

*Training can be applied toward Continuing Education for Teachers under Yoga Alliance standards.  Each module builds upon the previous module. Modules can be taken separately as long as they are taken in succession. Those who have completed the full 100-Hour Immersion with another Certified Anusara teacher may register for the 100-hour Art of Teaching module with Bo Srey at Hom Yoga.


The Anusara Teacher training, above all, empowers aspiring teachers to step into the current of wisdom within each one of us. Students continue to deepen their understanding of Grace and learn to skilfully impart that wisdom to their students. Students learn what a great honor and blessing it is to take up the seat of the teacher while they receive the tools necessary to impart this knowledge skillfully and safely.

In the Anusara Teacher Training, students receive general teaching techniques such as sequencing, adjusting and use of voice. In addition, they learn specific Anusara methodologies including how to teach the Universal Principles of Alignment and how to create deeply inspiring class themes grounded in non-dual, life-affirming philosophy.

Upon successful completion of the Anusara Teacher Training, students to can then register for the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 designation as well as apply for the Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher status.

For those wishing to space their learning out, allowing more time to assimilate and practice the Anusara method in public classes, immersions can also be taken at different times of the year. Please note that all modules are cumulative and will need to be taken in succession. Students choosing not to go on to Teacher Training can also continue their studies and practice of Anusara yoga by taking various modules in the future. Subjects include Tantric philosophy, asana alignment, anatomy, therapeutics, pranayama, and meditation.


Bo began his yoga journey in Paris in the early 90s where, as a student, he was confronted with life's deeper existential questions. Upon returning to university in the States, his focus radically shifted from international affairs to the inner journey, beginning with eastern philosophy coursework with renowned scholar Douglas Brooks.

His ongoing search eventually led him to a master whose presence awakened in him the experience of the state described by mystics of all traditions. Through this lineage, he came to study Anusara yoga, a form of hatha yoga known for its clear alignment and heart opening philosophy.

Bo began teaching yoga in 2002, eventually becoming the first certified Anusara teacher in Asia in 2009. He has also apprenticed and trained in the Iyengar tradition. Bo is also a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 registered teacher.

Bo views teaching as service, bringing this attitude to his students. His classes include a dynamic flow punctuated by clear alignment instructions and demonstrations. He seeks to impart the understanding that 'aligning and flowing' can have a deeper implication: that of connecting us to the profound state of wisdom and joy within us all.

Training mostly in the States, he has taught at major studios in Berkeley, Singapore and Bangkok. Since 2008, Bo has taught taught workshops, retreats, conferences and teacher trainings throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S.

One of Bo's favourite 'practices' is spending time in nature hiking, mountain biking and photographing wildlife.


Anusara Yoga Alignment Principles Workshop with Bo Srey

13 January 2018 (Singapore)

Orchard Central
Saturday, January 13, 2018
1pm - 3pm

A principle is a basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works. In the practice of Anusara Yoga, there are five main principles of alignment that can be applied in every pose. In this workshop, we explore and unpack the five principles that underlie the teaching cues you may have heard in Anusara Yoga classes.

With this holistic and integrated approach to alignment, you will come away with:

  • a clear template to keep the body safe in the practice
  • a consistent framework within which to deepen your understanding of the body
  • biomechanically sound techniques to enhance your asana practice
  • a kinesthetic metaphor to take you from physical alignment to inner alignment and ultimately to a more profound awareness practice

Join Bo for this fun and transformative workshop to add more tools to your yoga toolbox and expand your perspective on your practice.

This workshop is open to all levels, including teachers seeking continuing education credit.