Practicing Mindfully, Digging Deep

A Weekend Intensive with Bo Srey


Session 1, Saturday, 20 July 2013, 10am-12.30pm:

As Above, So Below

In this dynamic session, we learn to keep it real by literally keeping our feet on the ground while aspiring for the highest.

Focus: Foundational Standing Poses leading to Expansive Backbends


Session 2, Saturday, 20 July 2013, 2.30pm-5pm:

Stability and Freedom

The external world is a perfect play of opposites. We dive into this play to consciously realign our bodies, seeking the profound through the simple.

Focus: Exploration of the lines of flow of stability and freedom in hip openers and forward bends


Session 3, Sunday, 21 July 2013, 10am-12.30pm :

Horizontal and Vertical

Playing with the pulse of opposites, we learn to create horizontal and vertical alignment at key landmarks of the body, further refining our ability to find freedom and joy in the practice.

Focus: Creation of horizontal space in the pelvic and shoulder girdles creates vertical freedom; mixed practice of arm balances and deeper backbends.


Session 4, Sunday, 21 July 2013, 2.30pm-5pm:

Earth and Sky (and Everything in Between)

Drawing on five elements theory, we explore how all of our alignment techniques reflect the dance of the five elements in nature.

Focus: Bringing of the key elements of alignment together in a dynamic and mixed practice, including inversions and twists.

To register:

Call 02-252-58245 or email

Lullaby Yoga Life Center

1, Fl.1, South Sathorn Road, Life Center at Lumpini, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120



Early Bird Special

All 4 sessions at THB 4,400 (Before 25 June 2013)

Per session THB 1,200.  Bring a buddy and pay THB 1,100 each per session

All 4 sessions at THB 4,800 (From 26 June 2013)

Per session THB 1,400