"I always look forward to this practice with Bo and Shirley. Their kindness, spirit and expertise shines through in every session. I am a regular but I find I am constantly challenged and particularly enjoy the focus on alignment and flowing with our breath. I always leave feeling uplifted and a little more enlightened."

- L. Yelland

"Bo's classes are always fantastic. Excellent instruction in a beautiful setting under the trees. The perfect antidote to the overly commercial yoga scene in Singapore."

- A.

"Bo is a very committed yoga instructor. He smoothly explains how to reach each position and he takes time to correct it. I strongly recommend him !

- A. Mathey

“Bo's unassuming, open-hearted energy instantly puts you at ease. He relates to you always as an equal without any judgement, and always with a quiet word of encouragement and jolly sense of humour.

After spending a little time with him, you quickly learn that behind his humility lies an encyclopedic knowledge of tantra and shaivism. And don't let his easy-going exterior fool you, he is a KICK-ASS instructor!

When you are on the mat and he is teaching, another shade of his talent appears. His teaching style is adaptable and one of his greatest skills is creating a space that's open and safe for students to go beyond superficial learning and into the learning of the heart.”

– S. Fernandez

“I found Bo’s teaching style which is calm, deep, intellectual and also inclusive has helped me in progressing my asana within my body condition, intrigued me to learn more about tantra philosophy and integrated yoga into my life more. His patience & compassion guided different students to have breakthroughs in their practice during the immersion.

We also became close so quickly during the immersion and stay in touch for practice or connecting until now. For me personally, the most memorable moment was when Bo guided me to express Vishvamitrasana – a powerful pose for a student at my level. But the biggest gift of all was when I reached a decision of a career shift right at the day 5. Conversation from the heart through out the immersion has helped me find the courage to look within for an answer.

Although I live in Jakarta, I look for opportunities to continue learning from Bo – including coming to Singapore for workshop, practice and discussion.”

– M. Jahja

“I especially enjoyed how the 3 teachers worked together, it was very apparent that they were in tune with each other and respected each other. For example, Bo's asana would focus on a specific alignment principle and theme, then Harshada would allude to this theme, then Ellen would continue by referring to the earlier principle as it related to her teaching.

This was consistent throughout the training. I thought it worked very well. Another example of the connection between the teachers was during Ellen's last day when Harshada guided the group into a meditation which focused on sending our love and energy to Ellen on her journey home.

After the meditation, Bo gave a very heartfelt goodbye to Ellen, and I was moved by the obvious care they had for each other. I feel that this is the essence of yoga. It is always like this with Bo and Shirley's trainings. Other students as well were commenting on how Bo and Shirley draw such wonderful people to them. I was very happy to be a part of this kula, and of course am looking forward to future trainings.”

– D. Lauren

“Bo delivered his teaching so well and nice, yet interesting. I was so green in Anusara and Bo has made me fall in love with this type of yoga. As a person, Bo is a really humble yoga master. I just can't wait to have other immersions with him especially in Jakarta.”

– E. Indriani