Yoga Foundations: Cultivating a Beginner’s Mind and Body

Exclusive Week-Long Series With Bo Srey 


Monday to Friday, 17-21 August 2015

10.30am - 11:30 am 



Saturday and Sunday, 22-23 August 2015

10.30am - 11.30am


$20 for each individual session

$100 for the whole week (7 daily sessions)

Classes are limited to 10 students, so please sign up early.


Start your yoga journey off right!  Enhance an existing practice!

In this foundations of yoga week-long series, internationally sought-after yoga and meditation teacher, Bo Srey, distills the hatha yoga practice into essential alignment instructions. Learn to mindfully set your foundation and align the body to cultivate a joyful, healing and injury-free practice.



Private Sessions with Bo

Bo will be available during this time for private classes. 




La Source Beauty Spa, Yangon, Myanmar

About Bo Srey

I view teaching yoga as service, drawing on 20 years as a student of an awakened master to enrich my hatha yoga classes. This auspicious meeting in 1998 kick started a life-long journey in the practices of meditation, mantra, karma yoga and self-inquiry. I began formally teaching yoga in 2002.

I was certified as an Anusara yoga teacher in 2009, becoming the first certified Anusara teacher in Asia. Anusara is a principle-centered, alignment-based yoga school, which at the time had one of the most rigorous certification processes in the industry. Even though I now teach in my own intuitive way, including drawing from my lifelong love of martial arts, I still use Anusara’s highly effective alignment principles. Tony Briggs, a senior Iyengar teacher from the San Francisco Bay area, with whom I have studied and apprenticed in-depth, also influences my teaching. In addition, I am a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 credentialed teacher.

Generally, my classes include a dynamic flow punctuated by clear alignment instructions and demonstrations. In my teaching, I also seek to impart the understanding that 'aligning and flowing' can have a deeper implication: that of connecting us to our profound state of intuitive wisdom and joy—the awakened state of flow.

Originally from the New York area, I have taught at major studios in San Francisco, Singapore, and Thailand. Currently based in Singapore, my wife Shirley and I teach workshops, present at yoga conferences, and offer deeper immersions and teacher trainings, both locally and internationally. My deepest wish is that my students and all beings awaken and abide as pure Awareness. 

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