We will be in Switzerland & Germany this September for 3 events.

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7-8 SEPTEMBER :  Centro Annapurna, Ticino, Switzerland

Please contact Antonella for more news about how to register for this event : antonella.kurzen@gmail.com


Engaging the timeless teachings of Vijnanabhairava Tantra to step fully into life’s current.

In this unconventional workshop, we infuse our asana practice with essence by engaging the timeless teachings contained in Vijnanabhairava. We uncover the traditional techniques for cultivating flow, transmuting our therapeutic and healing physical practice into an ecstatic dance with our Divine nature. Ultimately, the dharanas (centering techniques) revealed in Vijnanabhairava move us up the scale of practice (upaya) from gross effortful practice, to subtle practice, to abiding recognition of Truth.

In the preface to his translation, Jaideva Singh says this about Vijnanabhairava:

Vijnanabhairava is a very ancient book on Yoga. It closely follows the basic principles of Saivagama [non-dual tantra of Kashmir]. It contains 112 types of yoga. There is hardly any other book on yoga which has described so many ways of approach to Central Reality that is present in each man as his essential Self. It is both extensive, and intensive in the treatment of the subject of yoga.

Those drawn to the more physical aspects of the practice will also find these sessions appealing. Subtle essential Truth pulses through everything, including the body. Through understanding the process of manifestation into form, we skillfully ride that process back to its source. We can begin with this very body!

In Sanskrit, the immediate and ongoing flashing forth and withdrawal of our world, is called Spanda. This process happens so fast that our senses rarely take notice. Instead, we perceive the march of time in sequential order, and often get mired in our stories about the past and the future.

Yet, when we align our gross form (physical body) up through our subtle essence with this infinitesimally subtle pulsation, we can ‘hitch a ride’ away from our everyday subject-object reality back to the Truth of our being. As we establish ourselves in this essence, we rest in our true nature: Bhairava (the name for Truth in Vijnanabhairava.)

The 112 yogas expounded in Vijnanabhairava show us the way.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Truth is simple.


Session 1: ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES OF FLOW | 10am - 12.30pm

A mixed, fun asana practice focusing on foundation and intention.

Session 2: CULTIVATING ABSORPTION | 2 - 4.30pm

A dynamically indrawn practice of hip-openers and forward bends, moving us from periphery to the Heart.


Session 3: EXPANDING THE MIDDLE | 10am - 12.30pm

Expansive practice of arm balances and backbends, cultivating an authentic understanding of what it means to “Open the Heart”.

Session 4: RECOGNIZING WHOLENESS | 2pm - 4.30pm

Integration with our essential nature: a practice of turning upside down and inside out, putting all the pieces back together again.

All sessions include meditations from Vijnanabhairava.


13-15 SEPTEMBER : deva yoga, Darmstadt, Germany

A Principle Centered Yoga Mini Immersion

Come renew and refresh yourself with the healing power of principle centered alignment hatha yoga. This urban retreat is designed to deepen the yoga practice in a way that aligns with our true nature. We learn to skillfully interact with five elements—Space, Earth, Water, Fire and Air—as they play within us.

From one to many and back to one, we engage with this flashing forth and withdrawing aspect of Consciousness for healing and on both the physical and subtle levels. See how tantric philosophy lends itself to the alignment of the physical body to keep us safe, therapeutically heal us and even spiritually transform us.

Learn how the five elements are alive in these non-dual tantric principles of alignment and, ultimately, how they interact in the world around us.

Experience how understanding the play of the five elements can reveal a better understanding of life beyond the yoga mat.

We also explore different meditations from the tantric tradition to balance the five elements within us, creating more harmony in our lives.

May we feel refreshed and renewed having aligned with the flow of nature through and around us!

9AM - 12 PM Asana Intensive
Each day focuses on different classes of poses:
Day 1: Standing Poses/Backbends
Day 2: Arm Balances/Inversions
Day 3: Hip Openers/Twists

2 - 5 PM Introspective Mini Immersion
We explore practical tenets of non-dual tantric philosophy, principles of alignment in asana and meditation.


20-22 SEPTEMBER : Bhakti Yoga Summer, Bad Meinberg, Germany

21 SEPTEMBER : 2pm - 3.30pm

Learn how to find the white sesame seed in the darkness and the black sesame seed in the light, recognizing that they are each the potential form of the same grand Play. In Sanskrit, this vibratory pulsation is spanda. Come experience it. Learn how to ride its flow. From the gross physical body to the subtle will body—both are one and the same and different.