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We offer Hatha Yoga events and trainings in the form of private sessions, public classes, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings. 


Spandananda is the joining together of two Sanskrit terms 'Spanda' and 'Ananda'.


Spanda means infinitesimal stirring or pulsation. This pulsation exists in everything in the universe and is contained in the seed of Consciousness as the supremely subtle impetus to create. It is the longing of the Divine to manifest the Universe and withdraw it back again.


Ananda is the Highest Bliss which is the experience of our true Divine nature. Many yoga traditions speak of sat chit ananda: being, consciousness and bliss.

At Spandananda we honor the creative aspect of our true nature. We align with this creative impluse through the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment®. By aligning the body as nature intended, through universal principles, we create the conditions for healing and the expansion of consciousness. As consciousness expands, we start to recognize who we really are. We begin to delight in the world, appreciating the manifold beauty pulsating around us.


At Spandananda we create dynamic yoga events that align with nature’s way... everything in nature pulses. Come align with your true essence as we practice together.













I have been practicing with Bo for a few years, attended several of his workshops and recently completed Bo & Shirley’s 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. 


Bo is a masterful teacher with a truly kind and generous heart. His classes are my favourite that I have come across in Singapore, a seamless mix of alignment instruction and joyful flow. His delivery and sequences are elegant, intuitive and playful. The mood is contemplative and open-hearted, joined by a great sense of humour! With Bo I always feel inspired, challenged and encouraged.


Together Bo & Shirley led an exceptional Teacher Training, sharing their extensive knowledge and embodied experience of Yoga. They have a real gift at expressing the technical and subtle aspects of practice, while inviting us to remember our deepest spiritual intentions for practice and for life. They created a safe and loving space for us to learn and grow together as a community, always giving their full presence and support to each person throughout.


I highly recommend Bo & Shirley to anyone looking to uplift their Yoga practice and deepen their connection to the Divine within. 


Caroline Woon



It started from a tiny sparkle from that one Anusara class with Bo. My body feels immensely better yet different from any of the practice I had before. I signed up for the Immersion I only out of the 3 immersion modules to find out why my body aligns better with the Anusara teaching. By the first class I knew this is the journey I would like to continue, as the Universal Principle of Alignment just resonates so well with my body and its non-dual tantric philosophy lies so much in my heart already. And Bo and Shirley unlocked the secrets of the universe to me only at a glimpse I am sure - the revelation and concealment of Shiva. 


Anusara is accessible, scientific, yet rigorous. Bo and Shirley have helped me to find my optimal blueprint of my body and helped me to learn more about Universal Principles of Alignment that deeply helped me to find the kind of energy I have been lacking for the last 29 years of my life! 


I would highly recommend their immersion and TT, if you are like me who are interested yet don't know if you have the time to commit, just sign up for the first module of immersion without the stress of committing 10 weekends of your time straight away. But I guarantee you that you will want to stay till the end of it (just like me) because not only the teachers are the best, the kula and the supporting community is the best part of Anusara. 


Qiaoning Li



Thank you to Bo and Shirley for holding the space and sharing your love for the Anusara way of life. Thank you for your hearts of service and being present in any conversation. Most importantly, thank you for showing what it means to radiate the principles of Anusara yoga, you all are my inspiration!


Nicole Thong



I participated in Bo’s and Shirley’s Anusara Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training program in early 2021. In a nutshell, the program gave me exactly what I was looking for: My goal was to build a solid foundation of physical alignment and sequencing techniques, and to receive the philosophical background that is essential to teach yoga properly. But above and beyond, what impressed me most about the 10-weekend course was that Bo taught us with a kind, respectful and joyful heart that reflects the Anusara spirit perfectly; what better yoga teacher is there than one who whole-heartedly embodies the principles he teaches? Bo and Shirley created a focused, but joyful and at times celebratory environment in the studio that any aspiring yoga teacher can only hope to experience, let alone re-create during his or her own future classes. Thank you so much, Bo & Shirley!


Felix Momsen



I genuinely enjoyed the 200H Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training with Bo & Shirley. It has been a great experience to deepen my personal practice and knowledge both on spiritual and physical level. Beyond the learning, you’ll also walk out with an empowering community! 


Lidya Chen



After practicing Yoga for so many years, the Anusara immersion and teacher training have guided me to improve my understanding of the philosophy, and the UPAs that brought my practice to a whole new level.  I enjoy my practice in class now more than ever before as it feels like I am melting in the air and flying in the freedom space. Thank you to my teacher Bo and wife Shirley for a wonderful journey and teaching us with your hearts. Chit Ananda!


Amenda Suen



Bo is a great Yoga teacher, he has a good eye for how to make the session most beneficial to the participants. He is calm, supportive and very knowledgeable.



Mieke De Schepper, Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President, Egencia an Expedia Inc. Company



Bo is a very genuine teacher that will inspire his students to achieve better through his guidance. Through his training, I have better mental strength in overcoming work-related stress and a calmer mind when it comes to making critical business decisions. Highly recommended for students at any level.


Sukanto Kheng, General Manager, Edgeworks Solutions



Bo was extremely patient and student centric in his approach in imparting his knowledge…He made each yoga session an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for our staff members, who benefitted from his vast knowledge and experience. I would strongly recommend him for a similar capacity for your organisation.


Henry Lim, Senior Manager, Customer Relations Backline Commuter Engagement, SMRT



Bo’s teaching includes breathing and mindfulness, which really helps me with my stressful and hectic lifestyle. He is a very experienced and passionate teacher. I enjoy his classes very much and would like to recommend him to everyone looking for a high-quality yoga or meditation class.


Puranut Wisutjindaporn (Pong), Business Development Manager, Suez



Practice sessions with Bo is a very special time for me, where I learn to focus on how I breathe and move. Bo also has a very calm presence, you will immediately feel comfortable to be around him.


Emmy Tanoto, Project Engineer, SMRT









The Garden City, Singapore

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